…I havent updated in a veeerryyyy long time… Oh well. I dont think i have any followers anyway. Awkz. Its actually because i forgot the name of my blog. So anyway i just wanted to update because i havent in a while. Jamming to Taylor swift at the moment. Yay! My borther got me her album “Red” for my (very late) birthday present. Anyone else enjoy randomly dancing to Taylor Swift? I swear, anytime i listen to a song my life just becomes a music video. Its brilliant, however sometimes slightly awkward. No one will be reading this so i shall stop babbling now. I will tag this post and see if i can get some followers!! 




so i called the nearby starbucks to see if they were open because my dad wasn’t sure and wanted me to ask so i asked them in gollum’s voice “HELLO IS PRECIOUS OPEN TODAY?”

and the guy on the other line replied with “YES PRECIOUS IS OPEN TODAY UNTIL 3 MY PRECIOUS YESSSSSSSS”




Jesus Christ. I sat here laughing for about ten minutes, and i suspect i shall laugh during the day randomly.

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Okay so…

… I am off to China in about two days, and I am really excited! Won’t be updating for at least 3 weeks (although I don’t think I have any followers anyway…Awkward…). 


Just realising…

…the significance childhood films have on your life. Not in the way of, oh i watched Bambi so now im a Deer. But in the way of Oh my goodness that film was so amazing thats the film i shall show my children. I realised that the other day, i can still watch Bambi and The Lion King, and cry at the sad parts. Does that make me sad? Probably, but i think that everyone else, if given the right time would have the same reaction. I still have the entire Disney soundtrack on my spotify playlist (excluding High School Musical!) and I am in fact, listening to Circle of Life at this moment. Though I still watch old Disney films now, and still remain remarkably erudite about them, I don’t think thats a bad thing. 

Not really sure why I posted this, just felt like it. 


One thing…

…I dont understand about current society is the obsession with absolutely everything celebrities do, and the drama over it. People go crazy trying to find out who’s had the shortest marriage or something like that. Everyday i see magazines and papers with screaming headlines, (a few examples) “HARRY STYLES BREAKS UP WITH TAYLOR SWIFT! FOR GOOD?” “SIMON COWELL LOOKING FOR A NEW GIRLFRIEND!”  or “BABY NEWS, KATY PRICE IS PREGNANT WITH 4TH CHILD”. No disrespect to any of those people, but apart from the persons involved, who cares? I certainly dont. And i’ve asked my friends about this, to check it wasn’t just me, and they agreed saying although it is mildly entertaining to read about the latest celeb trash, they think it should be a private matter between those people. Why does everything nowadays have to be so public? I simply do not understand it. Most of it is not even relevant, compared to what is actually going on in the world out there.  

Just my rant on that particular thought.

“I realised that i hadn’t done a post about books yet, so i decided to do some writing on and series of books i am in the process of reading at the moment. The first of these two books is called The Left Hand of God, and is by Paul Hoffman. The sequel, is called The last Four Things, and I am halfway through it right now. Both books are engaging and witty,as well as using a plot line that is deliciously complicated, but good enough that you feel the want to follow it, and not just give up. The books include a exquisite variety of characters, the main one being a teenage boy called Thomas Cale, who is supposed to be Gods wrath and fury made into a human specifically designed to destroy the world so that God can start over again. The books are humorous, gripping and overall a very good read. I would say that they are possibly some of the best books I have ever read. I would very mush recommend them.” Left Hand of God, The Last Four Things, Paul Hoffman. 

Planned switch from GCSEs to Baccalaureate in England ‘abandoned

Its about damn time. I mean honestly, it wasn’t the brightest of idea’s was it? There were only two choices for humanity (although some schools blatantly ignored that…) and the options were very limited. Of course Religious studies is a humanity, sorry Michael Gove, but you are wrong on this one. 

“The heart beats in 3, just like a waltz, and you will never stop me dancing” Regina Spektor, Firewood. 

This is…

…my first serious blog, so please, give it a chance! Just to let you know, I love books, music, art, animals and computer games. 


Two Boys and a Girl. Photo by Jutta Kirchner


Two Boys and a Girl. Photo by Jutta Kirchner

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